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The sun shines bright on Morning Coworking

Morning Coworking (BAP), France’s leader in the coworking space market, has announced a partnership with Nexity in order to ramp up its development.

Since its creation, the coworking operator has doubled its revenue every year and is coming off of a couple recent fundraising rounds that totaled 3 million euros.

Since 2018, Morning Coworking has opened nine new spaces in Paris alone and now has 20 spaces across 60,000 square meters. By 2022, the company hopes to increase that number by 200,000 square meters, a challenge that Nexity is eager to take on following its 54% stake in the shared space firm.

“The market is very buoyant and we want to keep supporting this trend in the way people work,” said Clément Alteresco, founder and CEO of the BAP Group. “Market indicators lead us to believe that 10 years from now, France will have 3 to 5 million square metres of coworking office space compared to the present figure of less than a million.”

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When Nexity launched its real estate service platform Nexity Solutions Enterprise (NSE), the group fully established their great record as leaders in commercial property management.

The Group hopes to provide clients with ready-to-use office spaces or contractual workstations.

Morning Coworking emphasizes a positive, interactive atmosphere to encourages daily collaboration and a sense of community.

“Tomorrow’s employees and workers will be freer and more mobile, but still very attached to the sense of togetherness and the human touch that are such a core part of Morning Coworking’s identity,” said Alteresco.



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