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Flexible workspaces are entering the franchisee game

The flexible workspace industry is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to continue shaping commercial real estate for years to come.

At this rate, coworking is expected to grow by 24% each year. Remote working is also expected to push flexible space occupancy as 50% of all workers will work remotely by 2020.

JLL estimates that 30% of corporate real estate could be turned into flexible offices by 2030.

IWG recently studied 18,000 business leaders in 96 countries to reveal why flexible workspaces have become a vital component of work life.

The survey showed that 89% believe flexible working can help their business grow, while 87% believe that it can help their business stay competitive.

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Now, franchise investors are taking advantage of this booming industry. Regus, the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces, recently launched its own global franchise branch.

In order to successfully franchise these offices, developing shared office spaces should provide flexible options while maintaining quality amenities.

For example, Regus works with its franchisees to make sure they have the framework for the proper location and design and offer the 24-hour customer service it is known for.

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