Workspace Etiquette: 11 Easy-To-Follow Tips For A Happier Coworking Community

Simple etiquette guidelines to help coworkers maintain a happy and positive coworking community.
  • Coworking spaces bring people together and foster positive entrepreneurial communities.
  • But sometimes, spending the day in close proximity to other people can take its toll.
  • These simple coworking etiquette guidelines will help members maintain a happy community in their coworking space.

The coworking movement is lauded for its ability to bring people together and combat isolation through positive entrepreneurial communities. Humans are social creatures and we thrive on the presence of others, but sometimes, spending the day in close proximity to other people can take its toll.

Take noise as an example. Have you ever wondered why it can be easier to concentrate in a coffee shop than a shared office space? Turns out it’s not necessarily the sound itself that distracts us, but rather the people — or person — making it.

The actions of a single person can have huge ramifications on everyone else in that space, which is why so many coworkers choose to work with headphones. But it’s not just noise. Messy workstations, dirty cups, and strong-smelling food can cause distractions and trigger negativity in even the most harmonious of coworking communities.

There’s only so much Community Managers can do to keep the peace, the rest is down to the individual. So if you’re heading into a coworking space today, take heed of these simple coworking etiquette guidelines and play your part towards building a happier coworking community:

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  1. Don’t take loud calls in shared workspace areas
  2. Don’t listen to music, videos or podcasts on speakers (wear earphones)
  3. Clean after yourself (your desk and in the kitchen)
  4. Make more coffee if there’s none or if you took the last of it
  5. Be nice and cordial, say hello and offer a smile
  6. Introduce yourself to others
  7. Before you take someone else’s time, ask if they have a moment
  8. Book meeting rooms in advance, respect your meeting room time and don’t overstay
  9. Be mindful of the food you put in the microwave
  10. Don’t leave leftovers in the fridge for a long time (if you’re not going to eat it, toss it away yourself)
  11. Use professional and friendly language
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