How All Good Coffee Is Making A Difference In Coworking Spaces One Cup Of Coffee At A Time

The Social Enterprise Is Taking Over And The Coworking Industry Is Getting Involved

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Companies across industries are realizing that the customer and employee experience is key to business success today. While in the past companies have focused on producing more, faster and for less; today it’s about much more than that. It’s about providing a great experience for clients, suppliers, employees, and the community, while being conscious of the environment and social issues.

Social enterprises are businesses whose mission is to combine a for-profit business model while trying to achieve a positive social impact. And because of this new model, they are changing the way we do business and they’re changing coworking as well.

The Social Enterprise and the Coworking Industry

80% of Millennials, who make up the largest segment of the workforce, and especially coworking, want the companies they work for and do business with to be socially responsible.

According to Deloitte, modern businesses are “no longer assessed based on their financial performance alone or the quality of their products or services. Rather,  organizations today are increasingly judged on the basis of their relationships with their workers, their customers, and their communities, as well as their impact on society at large.”  

This applies to coworking spaces as well. When choosing a coworking space, freelancers and business leaders look for their values to be reflected in the space they’re renting. So being a socially responsible company is key to a success and long-term survival.

One such organization within the flexible workspace industry is All Good Coffee. A wholly owned subsidiary of the All Good Work Foundation (a 501c3 nonprofit), All Good Coffee is designed specifically to sell coffee to coworking spaces and business centers.

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All of All Good Coffee’s profits go to the Foundation, which partners with coworking spaces to provide offices for social impact organizations. In other words, drinking All Good Coffee helps nonprofits access coworking spaces, reducing their costs and allowing them to do more good work.

Although the foundation is currently operating only in New York and San Francisco, it has plans to expand nationwide and worldwide. All Good Coffee will help power this expansion and scaling up by providing constant funds that can be invested in the back office operations of the nonprofit.

Operators with locations outside of NYC and San Francisco can indulge their members with a cup of the Coworking Blend coffee, helping them power through their days while also getting involved in the business of doing good.

Why Operators Care

The social enterprise is about doing good work from all possible angles. And it’s not just relevant for businesses, it’s also relevant for individuals. It’s about doing good with each purchase, with each action. It can be something as simple as buying a cup of fair trade coffee.

Consumers across the world are choosing brands that fully embrace societal impact; companies that go beyond a corporate social responsibility program and instead have social responsibility in their DNA. Social responsibility is an ever-increasing part of doing business, and coworking is just the next wave of that trend.

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