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Modern office interiors aren’t enough to win over young talent

While modern, technology-infused work interiors may attract some talent, for many potential workers, a workplace that reflects their ideals is much more important.

Young professionals are constantly exploring their work options as workplace skills become more transferable. Businesses who actively listen to the younger generation end up succeeding in attracting such talent.

Coworking is one of the biggest draws for young talent as it provides a fresh environment for both employees and clients. Coworking spaces offer flexibility of office space and schedules, a modern environment, and a startup-ridden atmosphere that helps foster creativity and community.

The gig economy has taken the reigns on how companies can retain employment by offering a more flexible work schedule. For example, PwC launched The Flexible Talent Network, which allows recruits to work when they want by listing their skills and preferred schedule. Then, the recruits will be matched to projects rather than roles, further fueling the gig economy.

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Issues of gender wage gaps have been long discussed and argued, so tools such as the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) have been created to track gender data across 230 companies in 36 countries. It then measures how many female employees receive equal pay to their male counterparts, as well as taking into consideration gender-related policies and benefits.

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America’s malls are becoming more and more vacant, but coworking companies are taking advantage of these empty spaces to expand their services in a nonconventional way.
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Flexible workspace provider Knotel has once again expanded its presence in central London, signing three new deals across the city totaling 40,000 square feet.
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Office Evolution, the nation’s biggest coworking franchisor, will expand its footprint in Mount Pleasant as it continues to cater to small business owners in the area.
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Flexibility in the workplace has become key in attracting talent, but properly implementing such arrangements ensures employees are fully satisfied with the organization.
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A survey of 1,000 WeWork members found that, while some use the space out of convenience, others find the culture to have an effect on their professional identities.
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While WeWork is expected to file for an IPO this year, its valuation and recently announced losses have left investors worried about the sustainability of the company.
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IWG has started rolling out a franchise model, similar to that of McDonald’s, enlisting franchisees to take the reins in subleasing Regus and Spaces offices to companies.
Novel Coworking Purchases Denver’s Trinity Place For Nearly $40 Million

Chicago-based Novel Coworking has purchased Denver’s 195,753 square foot, 17-story boutique office property Trinity Place in Uptown that is currently 65% leased.


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