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Serendipity Labs Continues Expansion Of Secondary Markets In The Midwest

Serendipity Labs has opened a second Wisconsin location on Junction Road, where it will take up 23,000 square feet of space. This new location follows the company’s efforts to expand into secondary and suburban markets across the U.S.

Located on the 6th floor, the space features office and team rooms, custom-built suites, a coworking lounge, a Lab Cafe and collaborative areas. Other amenities include sit-stand desks, wellness rooms for nursing mothers, prayer and meditation areas, and even access to art shows and member-only events.

The building includes a fitness center, covered parking, conference rooms and is surrounded by plenty of restaurants, banks and retailers.

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    With a membership, members will have access to every Serendipity location in the country.

    “In the same way that businesses rely on a trusted hotel brand, they also need a network of well-designed workplaces that offer an elevated way to work,” said franchisee Ryan Jacobson, who will own and operate the new location. “As the capital city, Madison is a hub of economic development activity. It is community-focused, entrepreneurial and thriving,”

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