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How Coworking Firms Are Standing Apart From The Competition

As the coworking industry grows more and more congested, operators are finding different ways to stand apart from the competition. Fast Wi-Fi and meeting rooms no longer cut it. Now, it’s all about hospitable amenities and services that benefit a work-life balance.

The Village Underground in Lisbon offers a unique environment for creatives as it is made from shipping containers and double-decker buses that have been recycled into offices. It also hosts numerous events such as music festivals and corporate gatherings.

OneCoWork Marina is possibly the world’s only coworking space that sits on water just a few minutes from “Barceloneta” beach. It provides obvious gorgeous views, a gym, small private event spaces, and hosts tech and business-related events.

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Bangkok’s Naplab provides workers a place to have some downtime in a two-floor level indoor napping zone with 15 caves that are available as long as you want. It also features a coffee bar, boxing bag, and a 24-hour housekeeping service.

Brooklyn Boulders goes beyond bringing in a specific group of professionals. It’s five locations work to bring together climbing and fitness aficionados by offering amenities seen at some luxury gyms such as classes, retail, saunas, and event spaces.

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