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How Technology Plays A Role In The Boost Of Workplace Mobility

The days of a central company workplaces are starting to wither away thanks to major technological advancements. Condeco’s newest research paper “The Modern Workplace 2019: People, places & technology” revealed that 41% of employers currently offer remote working, and 60% of workers are able to set their own flexible hours.

While technology has helped the increase of workplace mobility and flexibility, 60% of respondents were concerned over the pace in which their workplaces were transforming. Still, it is clear that companies will continue to adopt technological advancements to support remote working as it reduces office costs and meets employee demand.

Currently, only about 23% of those surveyed said their employees had access to on-demand meeting rooms, which has been a point of organizational tension, but thanks to the increased access to real-time collaboration and conversation tools, physical meetings are becoming a thing of the past.

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The survey found that 31% of respondents use some sort of meeting-room scheduling software, and Peter Otto, Chief Product Officer at Condeco, expects that artificial intelligence will play a bigger role in such software in the future.

“Ultimately new technology will enable businesses to allocate their resources and time more effectively,” said Otto. “There is also a role it can play in gathering data, but companies need to be aware of the ethical and privacy aspects of using it in this way and be prepared to be fully transparent in communicating what they are doing to their employees.”

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