Knotel Launches “Geometry” Subscription Service

Geometry by Knotel is the first adaptable office product service that fits, operates and optimizes workplace settings

Flexible workplace provider Knotel becomes first in the industry to offer subscription service for adaptable office products

New York (May 31, 2019) – Knotel, the world’s leading flexible office provider, announced today it has launched a subscription service for office fit and build out by leveraging modular architectural objects aimed to help better serve customers looking for adaptable workspaces.

Knotel’s Geometry collection offers a range of modular, architectural office products available for rent as a subscription, empowering enterprises to operate without the burden of physical ownership and providing the flexibility needed to adapt to a rapidly evolving work environment.

The subscription service, Geometry by Knotel, is now available exclusively to Knotel’s existing customers, and will be accessible to non-Knotel customers and owners later this year. Orders are already underway for items in the Geometry catalog, including agile desks, modular conference rooms, phone booths and free-standing wall systems.

Developed by Knotel’s in-house workplace strategists, Geometry by Knotel is the first adaptable office product service that fits, operates and optimizes workplace settings, and is a natural extension given Knotel’s expertise and focus in the flexible office market.

“Knotel created new ways of outfitting offices and making them more agile,” said Amol Sarva, CEO and co-founder of Knotel. “Now, Knotel is sharing its scale, speed and innovation by introducing Modular Architectural Objects for owners and enterprises to better design and fit the workplace.”

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“Also, by expanding this offering beyond just our customers, we hope to change the infrastructure of offices around the world by maximizing efficiency and reducing waste,” added Sarva.

As part of the service, product experts will design and implement workplace settings for multiple uses, keeping in mind the needs of both large and small workplaces, and incorporating customer feedback in real time.

For more information about Geometry by Knotel, visit

About Knotel

Founded in 2016, Knotel has more than 3 million square feet across more than 200 locations in New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Berlin and São Paolo. The complete office solution, Knotel brings tenants tailored space on flexible terms without all the fuss typically involved in long-term office leasing. As the leading disruptor in the real estate industry, Knotel provides short- and long-term office space for companies ranging from the small to the enterprise. Knotel was named a Business Insider Top 50 Startup and New York’s Hottest New Workspace Model by AllWork. To learn more, visit

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