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Why Are Companies Ditching Offices And Going Remote?

While many companies have started providing flexible hours for their employees, some firms are going further and doing away with offices altogether.

For example, tech firm Zapier is a completely remote company where the staff are welcome to work from wherever they please, so long as they have access to reliable Wi-Fi and use Slack and Zoom for communication. Other than the week-long company retreats twice a year, employees are trusted to get their work done.

Fran Vieux, a customer champion at Zapier, has lived full-time in a van with her partner and dog for a year.

“You have to tell your colleagues you are having a bad day and make more of an effort to reach out for sure. Being vulnerable was so hard at first but it’s easier all the time and it’s nice to be able to build those connections,” said Vieux. “I still miss getting work cake on everyone’s birthday though.”

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A common issue with remote work can be the feeling of isolation, so Zapier combats this by matching workers to a ‘buddy’ for a half-hour weekly calls that replace watercooler chats.

Wade Foster, Zapier’s chief executive, said that the company trusts its teammates to do a good job, which itself has created a culture of productivity and accountability.

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