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How Technology will Shape Work in the Future

The future of work is multifaceted; affecting the realms of business, education, technology, and innovation. One key issue around the future of work is how artificial intelligence and automation will impact the world of work, specifically how these technologies will take over certain jobs. A recent report found that 36 million Americans work in jobs with a high risk of being automated.

However, the role of technology in the future of work isn’t confined to automation and taking over. Rather, technology will integrate with humans, empowering human connections, capabilities, and breaking down the barriers between  people and data. 

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Technological innovation will shape the way we work in the future in the following ways: it will improve human-to-human communication, it will enable more flexible workspace environments, it will lead to soft skills being more important than ever, it will contribute to the learnability and digital transformation of workplaces, and lead to nonlinear career paths.

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Cecilia Amador de San José

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