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Africa’s Economy Is Reaping The Flexible Working Benefits

By 2035, Africa’s workforce will have increased by more than the rest of the world’s regions combined, and flexible working is expected to grow along with it. Click To Tweet

Africa is expected to benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution in a big way, according to the World Economic Forum. As technology continues to penetrate various aspects of life, particularly work life, flexible working is making its presence known in the continent.

Flexible workspace provider Regus currently has franchises in 21 countries across Africa, marking it the first time a national office provider that has entered the African franchise market. Now, the IWG-owned firm is looking to expand across the rest of the continent.

“The flexible workspace market is cleaner, simpler and less volatile than other, traditional franchise opportunities,” said Mo Nanabhay, Franchise Director (Africa) for IWG. “Coupled with the opportunities we see for growth in the African market, we see it as a lucrative opportunity for early adopters.”

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A report on professions in Africa shows that entrepreneurship has grown by 20% in the past five years, which likely coincides with the increase of flexible offices in the area.

Companies, such as Google and P&G, are using flexible spaces in Africa to cut office costs, attract talent, as well as have access to high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and desk spaces that are ready to go.

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