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Digital Nomads Earning Six Figures Are Making Their Presence Known

When thinking of digital nomads, some may picture young professionals fulfilling their post-undergrad traveling dreams, staying in hostels or couchsurfing. While this certainly describes many of these remote workers, there are also the luxury digital nomads.

These workers are earning up to six figures and enjoy the ability to travel as a perk of their freelancing positions. Now, the digital nomads who kickstarted the trend are requiring higher compensation are able to travel without budget constraints. 

“Unlike the general digital nomad crowd, luxury nomads do not really budget on other travel activities and experiences,” said Roman Boychuk, CEO of Rental24H, a car rental comparison service. “For instance, when it comes to transportation they’re more likely to opt for high-end car rental services in their travels. Looking at our data, there’s a lot of spikes in demand for sports or lux cars in bigger cities during off-peak holiday times.”

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Along with enriching oneself in other cultures, some remote workers simply work outside of their employers’ city to get away from overcrowded, high-cost areas.

Coliving companies are aiming to tap into this market of Millennials who still cannot afford the high costs of big cities. In fact, a recent study revealed that coliving companies in the U.S. that had over 3,000 beds were not able to meet demand and are considering expansion.

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