The Top 20 Coworking Cities For Generation Z Workers

London tops the list of the top 20 cities for Generation Z workers.
  • Apartment search site, Nestpick, has released the top 20 cities for Generation Z based on four key areas: digitisation, business, principles and leisure.
  • Data from workspace brokerage Office Freedom also reveals yearly growth in coworking spaces in those cities, around the world.
  • Each city was given a score out of 100, with London making the number one slot followed by Stockholm and Los Angeles.

London is the top destination for Generation Z workers according to the 2019 Generation Z city index compiled by apartment search site Nestpick.

London scored a perfect “100” for coworking spaces beating New York (98.12) into second place. In fact, London now has over 1400 flexible workspace locations according to the latest data from global workspace brokerage Office Freedom.

Generation Z is the term given to anyone born between 1997 and 2012, and who are “digital natives who value security, diversity, and autonomy, and aim to achieve it through pragmatism and determination.”

The oldest members of Generation Z graduated from college this year and these cities are becoming career destinations for Gen Zers looking for the best places to live and work.

The study examined 110 cities and measured 22 factors under four broad headings: digitisation, business, principles and leisure. Each city was given a score out of 100, the total of the weighted averages of each of the four categories. London and Manchester made it into the top 20. 

Here are the top 20 cities best equipped for Generation Z’s wants and needs and the year on year growth of coworking spaces in each location.

Rank City Gen Z Index1 Yearly % Growth in Coworking Spaces²
20 Seattle, USA 77.71 57.1%
19 Brussels, Belgium 77.72 27.8%
18 Malmo, Sweden 78.96 0.0%
17 Frankfurt, Germany 79.35 10.3%
16 Gothenburg, Sweden 79.46 33.3%
15 Montreal, Canada 80.00 92.9%
14 Helsinki, Finland 80.33 7.7%
13 Copenhagen, Denmark 80.70 20.0%
12 Manchester, UK 81.18 19.2%
11 Paris, France 82.13 31.1%
10 Vancouver, Canada 82.48 37.5%
9 Amsterdam, Netherlands 83.02 28.2%
8 San Francisco, USA 83.09 91.8%
7 Munich, Germany 83.11 5.0%
6 Berlin, Germany 84.53 14.0%
5 New York City, USA 86.03 63.2%
4 Toronto, Canada 86.20 32.2%
3 Los Angeles, USA 89.40 10.4%
2 Stockholm, Sweden 89.88 13.3%
1 London, UK 100.00 16.2%

1 / Officefreedom.com2

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The growth in flexible workspaces is a common theme among the top 20 Gen Z cities with an average 22% growth in coworking spaces. The global coworking market has more than doubled since 2015 and is expected to top 25,000 spaces by 2022.

Latest research from Zion Market Research values the global flexible workspace market at $26.9Bn and predicts it to growth to $111.68Bn by 2027.

Office Freedom recorded a 16.2% year on year growth in London coworking spaces between August last year and this, and London remains the coworking capital of Europe with over 11million sq ft of flexible real estate. In London a new coworking space opens every five days, placing it at the top of the global league.

Flexible workspace is naturally appealing for entrepreneurial Generation Zers as it represents a low risk, affordable way into office rental. Coworking has long been the preferred route for freelancers and start-up businesses but is now also attracting big businesses too.

Companies wishing to attract the best talent from amongst Generation Z workers should note that although office location is very important, office features such as natural light, kitchens, modern facilities and décor, and outdoor space are high on the wish list for Generation Z workers. All of which are key features of modern flexible workspace.

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