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Why Corporates Are Jumping On The Coworking Bandwagon

Coworking has readily become an alternative work option for freelancers, business owners and startups. Now, many corporations are turning to coworking spaces as it provides numerous benefits for companies of all sizes.

Large organizations that are trying to expand into new markets are turning to coworking spaces in order to cut down on costs, rather than signing a long-term lease for a traditional office space. Click To Tweet

Coworking spaces provide flexible, short-term leases for companies that may not be certain of how much space they need in the future. Even more, coworking spaces offer all the great amenities of a fully-serviced office with just a monthly fee.

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Companies like Microsoft and IBM have adopted coworking so that they can collaborate with tech startups. 

Additionally, coworking spaces allow workers to be surrounded by professionals from other sectors that can help inspire and boost employee motivation. It also encourages socialization outside of work and easy networking opportunities for corporates to scout out new talent.

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