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How Remote Workers Can Stay Up To Speed

By 2020, remote workers are expected to exceed the number of employees in the static workforce. Remote work is not a new concept, but it has grown dramatically over the past few years as more employees demand a healthier work-life balance.

Generally, remote working is beneficial for both employees and employers. Employees get to enjoy a healthier and more productive lifestyle, while employers get to cut costs on things like rent and office furniture.

Still, the electronic tools that remote workers use are typically identical to the ones used by stationary workers, and it isn’t cheap. In fact, in 2019, spending on enterprise software approached half a trillion dollars. 

While investing in this type of software is vital, getting the best use out of it may not come second nature. That is why training clients to use it through either instructional videos or manuals is important. 

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This can be a challenge for companies who have a workforce that is spread out across the world, and having workers on the same page is critical to a well-oiled company. 

That is where Digital Adoption Solutions comes in. These companies focus on offering an interactive guide to enterprise software through on-screen, on-demand task-based learning. These solutions cut traditional training times for all workers, and ensure remote employees are just as up to speed as their stationary counterparts.

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