Huckletree Launches Bespoke Workspace For Members Who Have Outgrown Coworking

UK coworking brand Huckletree has launched ‘Places’, a bespoke service for members who have outgrown its shared space.
  • UK coworking brand Huckletree has launched ‘Places’, a bespoke service for members who have outgrown its shared space.
  • Huckletree offers three serviced workspace models and covers the end-to-end process of designing and building out the space.
  • The brand has a pipeline of companies seeking 50,000+ sq ft in 2020 alone, and anticipates Places becoming an integral part of their product.

Huckletree Places has been launched to accommodate Huckletree members experiencing rapid growth. This service continues with Huckletree’s ethos of offering curated and customised workspaces designed to help ease growing pains and, as such, these workspaces will remain within Huckletree’s group of collaborative communities.

Places came about organically as existing members grew, and is a formalisation of the belief that members shouldn’t need to trade in community benefits like events and collaboration in return for customised offices. The new spaces will feature the members’ own branding, but will adhere to Huckletree’s dedication to curation, which has seen the company see 3x revenue growth over the last year.

Places will officially launch in early 2020 with a new space shared by long-time Huckletree members Lineten & Collective Dairy. Situated at the Huckletree West site in White City, London, both businesses will move into a new, dedicated space, designed and operated by Huckletree. Since joining Huckletree, Lineten has grown from a team of 13 to 65 worldwide, opened offices in New York, Canada and Portugal, and seen 20x growth. Collective Dairy has seen similar success, growing from 28 to 45 employees, launching new product ranges and expanding into the French market.

Andrew Lynch, Co-Founder and COO, Huckletree comments on Huckletree Places: 

“As a company, our primary focus is on nurturing businesses in any way we can, and we have always been proud to see them outgrow us. But often they didn’t want to leave and give up their membership and access to the benefits offered by our network and platform. Now with Huckletree Places, members will be able to have the room and freedom in larger spaces with their own branding and cultural identity, but still have access to the things they love about Huckletree.”

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Ben Scallan, CEO and Founder of Lineten comments on Huckletree Places: 

“We needed a space that was as dynamic and flexible as our product, with flexible terms and our own branding. We love that we can have our own personalised space, but not trade it for the Huckletree extras and programmes that our team have become reliant on. Things like social events, meditation, and members workshops are a big part of our company benefits and we couldn’t think of anyone better than Huckletree to deliver them.”

Huckletree Places will offer three fully serviced workspace models for rapidly scaling teams who are growing too large for its existing workspaces:

  • Personalised – a private space within an existing Huckletree hub, branded and designed to meet a startup’s needs, fully managed by the Huckletree team.
  • Powered By – a bespoke space designed specifically for each startup. Based in a convenient location chosen by them, close to an existing Huckletree hub.
  • A New Village – a collaborative hub designed for anyone who understands the value of thematic, sector-focused hubs. Huckletree will work with tenants to deliver the physical fit-out and collaborate on building a community of like-minded and relevant members from the same industry.

The announcement is the latest step in Huckletree’s commitment to delivering a long-term, sustainable model of property, workspace and community – prioritising methodical expansion over aggressive growth.

Huckletree expects to see internal expansion as a result of the launch, which is part of its business model focused on delivering value for members. Huckletree has opened four new sites in 2019 in London, Manchester, Dublin and Oslo. Its most recent London site – Huckletree Public Hall – saw 51% occupancy at opening and hit full occupancy within a month of opening.

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