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Millennial Parents Are Shifting Workplace Policies

As the millennial generation have started becoming parents, traditional office settings are taking a hit. This has put pressure on companies to update their parental leave, childcare and flexible workplace policies.

Around 69% of millennial working parents in the U.S. want on-site childcare at their workplace, yet only 4 to 8% of Fortune 100 companies offer this. This is paving the path for more progressive companies to provide these services, as well as dedicated rooms for breast-pumping and supporting parents who need a better balance between work and family. 

Millennial parents will also play a role in connecting productivity technology with parenting technology through digital apps that will be able to make work-life conflicts easier to handle.

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Furthermore, this younger group of parents will also opt for careers that offer more flexible or remote work in an effort to support a healthy, meaningful work-life balance. Research has proven that workplaces that offer flexible scheduling benefit from these offerings more than those who don’t.

Additionally, 83% of millennials said they would leave a job if it did not offer the proper family benefits. This means that employers who truly prioritize their working parents will respect their time, manage their workload and pay them adequately.

Overall, as the amount of millennial parents in the workforce increases, companies must be prepared to accommodate their needs in order to attract and retain the best talent.

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