Serendipity Labs Expands To Prestigious Kansas City Suburb

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Serendipity Labs will launch a new flexible workspace in Overland Park, Kansas City, in 2020.
  • Serendipity Labs will launch a new flexible workspace in Kansas City in the first quarter of 2020.
  • The franchised space will be located in Overland Park, a prestigious suburb of the city.
  • It will span the entire third floor with coworking lounges, offices, a café, focus rooms and wellness rooms for nursing mothers, prayer and meditation.

New York based Serendipity Labs Coworking, a company that has rapidly grown to 29 metropolitan areas across the country, has announced it will open a shared workplace at 5440 West 110th Street in Overland Park, Building Two of Creative Planning Plaza, in the first quarter of 2020.

The 26,500 sq. ft. location in one of the most prestigious suburbs of Kansas City, will be owned and operated by franchisee, Rob Bowman, president of Terra Properties in St. Louis. Bowman is bringing his decades of experience in commercial real estate to this fast-growing segment of the industry.

The international real estate brokerage firm JLL predicts that flexible space in the U.S., currently less than five percent of the office inventory, will rise to 30% by 2030. There are many reasons for the shift, says John Arenas, chairman and CEO of Serendipity Labs. “Companies compete on innovation, rapid execution and agility, particularly those in the service sectors. To attract and retain top talent, they need to offer a workplace that is inspirational, professional and trusted, wherever the employees happen to be.”  

Rob Bowman, franchisee, goes on to say, “The Kansas City market has a diverse economic base, with many companies from the healthcare, technology, financial and service sectors. We looked for a coworking operator that could meet the compliance standards of multinational enterprises while also serving as a headquarters or offsite meeting option for local companies.”

He adds that by combining a high-level of service with its extensive network makes Serendipity Labs unique in the shared office industry. “With its emphasis on high-touch service and expansive national network that all members can access, Serendipity Labs was the obvious choice to deliver a new kind of office offering to Overland Park.”

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    Serendipity Labs Kansas City – Overland Park will be in the heart of a corporate and medical office neighborhood supported by numerous hotels and restaurants. It will span the entire third floor with coworking lounges, offices and team rooms for one to 10 people, and custom team suites for up to 50. Individual workstyles are accommodated with communal coworking areas, a café, available sit-stand desks in offices and team rooms, focus rooms for privacy, and wellness rooms for nursing mothers, prayer and meditation. Members come from all industries including technology, healthcare and banking as well as business and personal services such as finance, accounting and law. Seventy-five percent are between 30-49, and more than one-third are women.

    Every Serendipity Labs has first-class event facilities, with catering options for up to 75. The meeting rooms with digital AV are ideal for offsites and training. Abundant natural light makes each day welcoming and inviting. Curated art shows from local artists and member-only events create an environment that is engaging and inspiring. Members can use any Serendipity Labs across the country through a mobile app.

    Large and small companies turn to Serendipity Labs as a trusted real estate alternative because it meets enterprise standards for business confidentiality and employee security. The IT platform is HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley audit trail compliant and is certified for PCI-DSS e-commerce and credit card privacy. Members and guests must have key card access or be registered at the desk.

    “Overland Park is on the move, and the flexibility we offer lets employers stay agile as market needs,” says Arenas. “Short product and project cycles and fluid market conditions make it increasingly difficult for tenants to accurately forecast their workplace requirements beyond three-year horizons.” He goes on to say, “Coworking can be an extension of the corporate workplace, with on-demand real estate that flexes as business needs.” 

    “Serendipity Labs is building a network across the country of trusted, professional locations,” adds Bowman. “Local businesses will benefit from having an upscale, flexible workplace provider that can help them grow here at home and wherever new markets may be.”

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