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Why Major Companies Are Turning To Coworking Spaces

More and more large companies are making the shift towards coworking and flexible office spaces in an effort to boost creativity, attract top talent and provide a better work-life balance for employees.

Many organizations who are competing to attract Generation Z are leaning on flexible offices to cater to this digitally native workforce.

“One of the biggest challenges Nokia faces worldwide is getting our real estate footprint close to where Generation Z and Millennials want to work,” said Erich Schroeder, who is part of Nokia’s business transformation team. “We have to be near to companies like Apple and Google, then add the ‘wow’ factor to our offices. Some of our 30-year-old spaces are not places where Generation Z wants to live and work.”

Additionally, today’s workforce increasingly values the ability to work at their own pace in their preferred environment. Thanks to major technological advancements, companies are able to offer more flexibility than ever.

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While several major companies, such as Apple and Intel, have made commitments to reducing their carbon footprints, the cost of sustainability is leading some to find more cost-effective solutions. Still, reaching a high level of sustainability will be a byproduct of coworking.

“The next phase of workplace-as-a-service is more on the landlord side, but will have an extreme impact on occupiers,” said Jamie Hodari, CEO of Industrious. “More and more building owners are recognizing the value of flexible space, amenities, and activated space and are working to include that as a core-offering for all tenants.”

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