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Creating A Productive Home Work Environment

Remote working has been on the rise as more companies work to protect the health and safety of their employees from the COVID-19 virus. 

Research has found that up to 70% of people work remotely at least one day a week, so this way of working is established. Studies have also found that workers are more satisfied and less stressed when they get to choose when and where they work.

Sally Austin, an environment psychologist, suggests that there is a way to design our work space at home to make the most out of the work day.

In Built to Thrive: How to Build the Best Workplaces for Health, Well-Being, & Productivity, Austin explains how factors like the color of walls and configuration of furniture can impact our productivity.

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While working from home allows for a certain degree of freedom, it is important to keep in mind the tools and equipment that you may need to be productive. For example, using local copying services would be the ideal choice instead of purchasing your own photocopier.

Ensuring privacy in your workspace is also important, so establish a physical barrier that allows you to focus on work and not get distracted.

It is easy to neglect your level of activity when working from home, so it is vital to set up a routine that allows you to keep up with your physical and mental health.

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