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Keeping Coworking Communities Close During Coronavirus

Only weeks ago, coworking spaces were bustling and filled with professionals from all corners of the workforce collaborating with one another in an environment unlike any other.

Now, as operators struggle to navigate business in the midst of a pandemic, it is vital for these communities to stick together.

This means nurturing relationships despite where you are working from. Keeping members connected can be done various ways, like setting up a virtual channel that allows everyone to stay in touch. 

Additionally, making sure members are taken care of during this time is equally important. For instance, Here Coworking has offered to freeze fees until members return to the space regardless of their contract. It has also allowed companies to pay 50% of their fees during isolation and 50% upon return to ease financial constraints.

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    In a post-coronavirus world, coworking specialists will be able to emerge as leaders of the workplace. Still, there is bound to be a coworking crash due to this pandemic as people practice stricter social distancing and hygienic guidelines. The days of shoulder-to-shoulder workspaces will no longer suffice.

    Overall, while this health crisis will inevitably separate coworking communities all over the world, there is still a way to come together stronger than ever and be ready to work when we return to the new normal.

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