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Coworking Spaces Need To Change Before Opening Back Up

Coworking operators are taking the steps necessary to keep their members and clients safe as they ready to open their doors back up.

Citywide lockdowns cannot last forever, and some companies may be eager to welcome workers back into the office. But before this can be done, strict measures need to be implemented to keep them safe. This includes consistent cleaning and sanitation regimens, as well as reconfiguring layouts.

If coworking companies can successfully create a work environment that feels secure, they can emerge as the most viable workplace option for companies of all sizes.

Coworking has long been synonymous with cost efficiency and flexibility, both of which will be ideal for organizations in the midst of this economic downturn. 

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Optimizing space usage will no longer be a priority as coworking providers will need to ensure workers abide by physical distancing guidelines by keeping workstations distanced appropriately. Additionally, implementing staggered entry and meal times, installing sanitation stations, limiting occupancy in common areas, using visual signals to encourage distancing and more can be used to keep the workspace safe and healthy.

Flexible workspaces will also benefit from servicing Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as companies look to get away from dense areas.

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