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Digitalization Is Vital For The Employee Experience

The digital workplace is undergoing another major evolution as organizations look at keeping remote working arrangements moving forward.

Specifically, the role of employee experience managers is expected to change, with companies reevaluating their office space in order to accommodate the needs of employees in the current climate. Now, work will be more about what you do rather than where you go.

Workplaces that value digitalization will be able to supply employees with the tools necessary to stay productive, no matter where they are working from. 

“I’ve talked to people leaders across industries and around the world, and we all see that work and how we think about the employee experience has changed,” said Tracey Fritcher, ServiceNow’s global director of HR transformation. “The rise of remote work as a result of the crisis has increased the complexity of a return to the office, as well as the need to create a safe and productive employee experience that protects the psychological and physical safety of employees.”

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Employee experience managers will be dealt with the task of navigating the best way to keep staff safe, while effectively guiding them through this new way of working. This could include welcoming employees back into the office, or continuing to manage them while they work from home. Regardless of how an organization is handling their workforce, employee experience managers need digitalization to make the process as seamless as possible.

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