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Hotel Chains Offer Parents A New Working Haven

Major hotel chains have started offering a quiet place for working parents to have uninterrupted time to complete work.

Hilton, Sheraton and Marriott have all begun marketing using their rooms as a place of solace away from kids home from school so they can get work done in peace, attend Zoom conferences, and maybe get a chance to hit the gym for an hour.

Hilton’s Cincinnati Netherland Plaza hotel’s recent ad promises to offer working parents “complimentary WiFi and coffee, along with a desk in quiet comfort” at $69 from 8 am to 8 pm.

“I needed to focus and when you have a 1-year-old in quarantine, you can’t do that,” said Jess Solomon, owner of Kansas City-based Experience Events Group, who has been working out of The Raphael Hotel that is offering office packages starting at $65. “It was worth every penny for me.”

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Solomon added that although her coworking space has reopened, she plans on continuing to use the hotel so she can have her own private bathroom and avoid reception areas.

According to Andrew Labetti, General Manager at the Sheraton College Park North hotel in Maryland, local working stiffs accounted for 30% of its occupancy in April and May. Additionally, since the hotel’s restaurant has been closed, Labetti upgraded the food and snack options in the gift shop.

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