Office Freedom Launches Free Real Estate Review

Office Freedom’s review service helps companies increase flexibility and reduce costs.
  • UK-based brokerage Office Freedom has launched a free review service.
  • It provides guidance to help organisations increase flexibility and cost efficiency.
  • Founder Richard Smith says the service will help companies “re-evaluate their workspace requirements.”

UK-based flexible office search specialist, Office Freedom, has launched a new service to help businesses increase flexibility, reduce overhead, preserve capital and decrease costs of their commercial property.

The ‘Free Real Estate Review’ provides guidance to help organisations prioritise the safety of their staff in the workplace, whilst economically ensuring flexibility.

“When lock-down is finally over, we will enter a new world, a new normal, which will be a major reset and reboot for everyone,” said Richard Smith, founder of Office Freedom (formerly Search Office Space).

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“As a result of the life changing circumstances, one thing is clear; new changes will emerge shifting how we collaborate and how we use our office space. Agile work and social distancing are here to stay, which demands that companies need to re-evaluate their workspace requirements.”

To provide immediate support and peace of mind, Office Freedom is offering a Real Estate Review Service, free of charge, where businesses can send details of their current agreement(s) to be reviewed by the Office Freedom team.

Businesses then receive free advice in regards to the best way to increase flexibility, reduce overhead, preserve capital and decrease costs.

“Our aim is to help businesses to reduce costs and increase flexibility of their office space, so that they are best prepared for the future, no matter what transpires.”

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