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Open And Collaborative Office Plans May Be Reevaluated

Companies are reevaluating the design of their office space to keep staff healthy and safe, and now, some businesses are introducing protocols that are reminiscent of the age-old office model — cubicles.

In recent years, offices have evolved to become more open and collaborative, but with concerns over the spread of the coronavirus, this model will have to be rethought. 

Cushman & Wakefield has come up with its own workplace redesign that will help employees abide by the six feet distancing guidelines.

“It comes down to some basic concepts, things like coloured carpet or, in a less sophisticated or expensive application, taping off what six feet workstations look like. So it’s very visual,” said Bill Knightly, Executive Vice President of Investor Relations and Treasurer and member of the company’s COVID-19 taskforce.

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In certain cases, the company is discussing installing plexiglass or some type of sneeze or cough guard.

According to Davide Sala, HR boss of Italian company Pirelli, the firm will be adopting changes such as temperature tests, face masks and increasing the space between desks.

Remote and flexible working will still remain a large part of work life, with some companies allowing staff to return to the workplace on a voluntary basis.

“What we can say with confidence is that more people will be working from home in the future, and I think we can say we’ll still have offices,” said Mark Red, CEO of advertising firm WPP.

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