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Remote Working Will Define The Future Of Work

A new survey from Gartner has revealed that employees who recently started working from home for the first time may continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

The survey of 317 CFOs found that 74% of respondents believe that at least 5% of their employees will work remotely permanently. Beyond the pandemic, it is clear that remote working will become a significant part of workplace culture moving forward.

Prior to the pandemic, companies were hesitant to offer remote working arrangements due to the misconception that it would hurt productivity and morale.

According to another survey from Kickstand Communications, 85% of employees have enjoyed working from home, with 75% saying they expect more remote work opportunities in the future. Even more, 79% said that remote work policies will impact their future employment opportunities.

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Overall, remote working is no longer a fancy bonus amenity reserved for higher-ups. Now, employees fully expect their workplace to offer these arrangements, particularly in the wake of the coronavirus.

With demand for flexible and remote working growing, companies should ensure they have the resources and tools necessary to attract and retain top talent, as well as remain efficient as possible.

“After operating with virtual workforces during the pandemic, we expect that many companies will opt for “resilient enterprise” strategies, which keep innovation happening quickly with remote, agile teams and a focus to find the best person to do the job, in the most efficient way, no matter where they reside,” said Michael Morris, CEO of Indianapolis-based TopCoder.

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