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Architects Must Meet Changing Demands From Companies

Interior designers and architects will have to meet suddenly changing demands from companies in wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of open office layouts and collaborative workspaces, companies now need an office that focuses on preventing the spread of the virus.

This will include changes such as barriers between desks, using thermal sensors to monitor the temperature of employees, and much more.

“The request now is to reconfigure the existing spaces for maximum utilisation keeping in mind the social distancing norms. One-way movement, which is most efficient, will be decided and floor markers are added to ensure the same,” said Meena Murthy Kakkar, Design Head and Partner of Delhi-based architect firm Envisage.

Even more, Singapore-based Space Matrix revealed they have changed easily overlooked items such as providing separate keys for employees to access doors to a printer.

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Additionally, some companies are introducing programs and systems that aim to keep occupants healthy and protected from the virus. For example, visitor management system company VAMS Global has introduced SafeGuard, which scans body temperature, records it, and has the ability to read faces that are wearing masks.

“The use of interconnected devices and sensors can help workplaces reduce the need for employees to touch surfaces, organisations could also use light sensors and next-generation ID cards to make the workplace more efficient,” said a VAMS Global spokesperson. “Workplaces are now trading fingerprints sensors for face recognition tech for attendance, taking a leap from the currently used biometric attendance system.”

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