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Awfis Launches Work From Home Program

Remote working will inevitably become a significant part of our workforce as companies realize the benefits of this arrangement and seek to keep their employees safe.

For Delhi-NCR coworking provider Awfis, they are taking this opportunity to make working from home a better experience with its new [email protected] program. The initiative aims to help workers by providing them with the physical infrastructure, connectivity and collaborative resources to make the most out of a home office environment.

The program includes three specific tools, including an assessment tool, a toolkit that provides companies with cloud-based and physical resources such as chairs, laptops and more, and a tech-enablement tool that helps companies set up productivity monitoring technology, health statuses and helps connect employees with one another to help avoid isolation.

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Awfis CEO Amit Ramani said that it is the company’s responsibility to support workers that have no choice but to work from home.

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