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Despite More Flexibility, Offices Will Maintain Their Size

A new report from Cushman & Wakefield has found that companies will continue to utilize remote working policies and move away from single location arrangements.

Despite the mass adoption of remote working, the report adds that offices are here to stay. With office size expected to stay the same, companies will be more accepting of flexible working. Still, any savings that come from flexibility will be offset by the need for more office space to accommodate physical distancing.

According to the data of 50,000 workers and employers, 75% said they agreed or strongly agreed that they maintained strong collaboration with their coworkers. Many also agreed that collaborative technology is now essential for companies moving forward.

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Additionally, 90% of respondents said they felt their manager instilled trust in them throughout the past few months, but also reported missing out on personal connections with their colleagues.

The report also found that those in roles that relied on face-to-face interaction, such as salespeople, struggled the most. Even more, wellbeing has taken a hit as many employees struggle to find how to separate work and home life. Cushman & Wakefield added that managers should help employees combat this issue by encouraging them to take breaks throughout the day and knowing when to switch off.

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