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How Businesses Can Plan Workspaces In The Long-term

When reevaluating a company’s operations and workspace, business leaders must think about the transformations that will shape their organization in the long-term. 

First, companies need to prioritize collaboration whether it is in-person or virtual. A strong, effective company culture relies on the ability to continue communicating regardless of where they work from.

Several workers will likely continue working from home after restrictions have been lifted, and companies should be receptive if those employees continue to be efficient. This move may leave businesses to opt for less office space that is configured to accommodate clients meetings or brainstorming sessions.

However, while remote working has its own perks, humans thrive on social interaction and it is important to recognize that these work arrangements can leave people feelings isolated. Companies have a responsibility to connect team members and address mental health concerns for those in the office and at home.

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    According to a study by Harvard researchers Ethan Bernstein and Stephen Turban, the open-office plan makes people less collaborative. So when aiming for innovation, keep in mind how workers actually utilize the space and whether it is beneficial to collaborative opportunities.

    Weaving biophilic workplace design will also be essential to keeping people happy. Bringing natural elements indoors has long been found to enhance productivity and, at a time where people may be struggling to support their mental and physical health, it will be essential moving forward.

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