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Lessons Learned From The Largest Remote Working Experiment

As the world settles into the largest work-from-home experiment, companies that are looking to reap the benefits of both in-person and at-home work arrangements are attempting to find balance. The answer? A hybrid workforce.

If the past few months has taught companies anything, it’s the value of having flexibility ingrained in workplace culture. However, working from home sometimes does not meet the same standard of collaboration that a physical office provides.

A study of a U.S. Fortune 100 technology company found that while employees who worked from home were able to achieve a better work-life balance and a boost in productivity, they also suffered from lack of socialization. This meant a loss of collaborative opportunities through spontaneous meetings and problem-solving, which can hinder overall well-being.

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Of course, having too much structure can also hurt the effectiveness of employees. That is why an agile, flexible workplace that supports both remote and in-person workers is essential.

This can only be accomplished with the proper managerial strategies. Building trust, recognizing accomplishments, opening communication lines, and integrating the technological tools that make collaboration and project building seamless are the best ways to guarantee success for a flexible workforce.

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