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Remote Workers Create 900% Increase in Demand for Day-Use Hotel Rooms

The hotel and hospitality business has taken a huge hit during the pandemic. However, some hotels are seeing an uptick in bookings thanks to eager business workers who are keen to escape the home office.

By renting out rooms to business workers during the day, hotels are providing dedicated office space to enable remote workers to take advantage of a quiet environment, Internet access, a desk area and comfortable furnishings.

Regular cleaning is also an important factor, which helps workers to feel confident renting out a hotel room.

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    HotelsByDay, a company that allows both business and leisure travelers to rent rooms by the day, has noted a 900% increase in demand for day-use hotels over the past two months.

    CEO Yannis Moati also found that 60% of their customers live within a 30-mile radius of the hotel. He said that many hotels are now turning large conference rooms into working desks in an effort to reinvent their offering during the current situation.

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