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Startups Weighing Their Workplace Options

Although offices have slowly started opening their doors once more, many companies are hesitant to jump back into their workspaces for fear of employees becoming sick.

Certain companies have opted to take a hybrid approach where employees work from home and in the office for portions of the week, while others have fully committed to remote working indefinitely.

Rajat Garg, CEO of healthcare firm myUpchar, revealed that customer service and operations teams have returned to their office due to output taking a hit, but hopes to train them so they have the ability to work remotely in a more efficient manner in the future.

In many instances, the nature of a job determines whether it can be done from home in a productive manner. For example, many technology companies can easily transition to remote working positions, while service-focused companies may need some sort of office to continue operating.

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Some organizations have also reevaluated the need to have employees in the office depending on where they live. For those who have returned to their native towns outside of major cities, calling them back in and facing a potential second wave of the outbreak could put workers at risk.

Businesses that are not fully committing to a remote workforce have also started looking into coworking or flexible offices. These workspaces allow companies to rent meeting rooms or small offices for an affordable price on a short-term lease.

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