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Creating A Safe Workplace For Employees

Companies worldwide have had to find a healthy balance between keeping their employees safe, and ensuring their operations continue to run smoothly. Dell Technologies is seizing this opportunity to ensure that stakeholders are protected, while offering customers the ability to make business continuity, remote working and digital services a priority.

Dell has created a formal Customer Playbook to showcase its return to office strategy is secure and provide businesses guidance on returning to the workplace.

Companies first need to evaluate how reduced workplace density and flexibility can help them execute their business strategies. This can be done by investing time and money into creating the best customer and member experience possible. Additionally, business leaders need to be ready to embrace a culture that is agile and best suits the employee.

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Before reentering the workplace, companies need to determine if it is safe based on the infection rates, active cases and recovery of their specific location. Then, they can introduce members in phases, while accommodating those who still do not feel comfortable coming back into the space. Additionally, reconfiguring the office design to encourage strict hygienic practices and physical distancing can ensure the workers who do return stay safe.

Prioritizing the safety and health of workers is essential when returning to the office. In order to accomplish this, organizations should follow health and hygiene guidelines to create a safe environment for employees.

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