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Flextime Is The Future Of The Workplace

Companies have undoubtedly embraced the idea of working from home, but the future of the workplace goes far beyond remote positions.

Flextime is a structure that allows employees to work when, where and however they are the most productive. This sheds the micromanagement style that is all too common and instead instills trust that employees can efficiently complete their tasks without being consistently monitored.

Providing workers with the ability to make their own schedules allows them more time to focus on their personal lives and boosts well-being, which leads to more productivity. More so, it guarantees that employees stay safe and allows them to prioritize the health of themselves and their families.

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Flextime provides companies with the ability to reduce their office footprint and save on overhead costs as well. These savings can be used towards resources and tools, such as laptops and collaboration software, that make working outside of the office seamless.

Additionally, offering flexibility has been found to boost employee retention rates, while lowering work-related stress.

In order to ensure that flextime is executed appropriately, business leaders need to work to ensure that company culture keeps employees collaborating, engaged and connected. This can be done with virtual happy hours, holding regular meetings, setting Key Performance Indicators and team-building activities.

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