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Restructuring The Workplace For A Safer Future

As we continue to trudge through these uncertain times following an uptick in COVID-19 cases, it is hard to predict how the workplace will adapt in a way that keeps employees safe and productive.

So far, many companies have mostly shifted to remote working arrangements in order to keep workers distanced. Now, businesses are considering rearranging their office space design in order to bring employees back into the space, while regaining revenue.

Moving forward, organizations will continue to heavily invest into their business continuity plans and minimize their costs. One of the first unsurprising cost-saving methods would be cutting down on real estate.

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Although traditional offices will still continue to play a big role in some company’s operations, it will inevitably see a reduced occupancy. In fact, research from Global Workplace Analytics has found that up to 30% of the workforce will continue working remotely at least part of the week after the pandemic.

However, offices will still be a necessity for some and with that will be major structural changes to ensure the safety of workers. This means wider corridors, more partitions and technologies that help keep the space clean. More specifically, touchless technology, such as sanitary systems and opening doors, can help reduce spreading germs.

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