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How An Algorithm Could Help People Work From Offices Safely

Many people are still working from home, and are expected to continue doing so for some time. There will be a gradual return to the office for many companies, but due to physical distancing, not everyone can return at the same time — and for the same amount of time — as they did prior to the pandemic.

So how do you calculate the right blend of in-office and at-home working?

An algorithm could provide the solution, according to SquareFoot’s president, Michael Colacino, by assigning the right amount of space at the right time: “It’s something that we have to allocate, the same way that you would allocate water in the desert.”

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SquareFoot will reopen its offices in September, and workers will be able to bid for the amount of time they want in the office. The algorithm will help determine how much they get. In addition to a reduction in staff numbers, Colacino also sees a move toward lower-density satellite workplaces that are close to transport hubs.

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