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Remote Work Is Here To Stay

Remote working has become a clear result of the ongoing pandemic, and with uncertainty looming in the air, this working arrangement is not going anywhere.

For years, business leaders resisted flexibility in the workplace due to misconceptions that it hindered productivity. However, most now realize this is not true and working remotely can actually improve an employees’ output.

Companies who already embraced cloud technology and workplace flexibility had the least trouble transitioning to a fully remote workforce. Organizations that had little experience with these tools and lacked the appropriate emergency plans inevitably struggled more.

Now that many companies have adjusted to remote working, they are able to reap the benefits. For instance, working from home means less commutes, which is one of the biggest stressors for an employee. Less stress means improved morale, and improved morale means better productivity.

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According to research from Vox, 99% of workers who have started working from home would like to do so permanently even if it is just for a portion of the week.

Businesses also are enjoying the benefits of remote working by cutting down on overhead costs to maintain offices. Additionally, turnover rates are decreased with a remote workforce.

Although this working arrangement has numerous perks, there are also challenges particularly in terms of cybersecurity. That is why equipping employees with tools to keep their devices secure will be necessary moving forward.

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