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How Workspaces Are Adapting To Tightened Restrictions

UK professionals are being encouraged to continue working from home after England’s spike in  COVID-19 cases.

This has been a complete 180-degree shift from the previous month after many employees started returning to the office. So how are commercial real estate experts preparing for these changes now and in the long-term?

With UK productivity slipping and employee wellbeing taking a hit, employees will need extra support moving forward. For instance, Giles Fuchs, CEO serviced office company Office Space in Town, says the company is dedicated to keeping their offices open in order to provide a safe workspace for those who need socialization.

For Khalid Aziz, marketing director of BizSpace, decentralizing the office may be the best method to keeping workers safe, while continuing to offer them workplace amenities.

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    “It’s clearly a challenge for businesses to manage new working preferences, with some workers wishing to remain at home or work more flexibly in the long-term and others favouring a more permanent return to the office,” said Aziz. “This is where decentralising office space and adopting a hub and spoke model can provide businesses with a solution – moving away from costly, large city-centre HQs and instead opening smaller regional offices for a happy medium between home and office work.”

    Richard Morris, sales and marketing director at technologywithin, believes that touchless technology will play a big role in helping workers feel secure in the workplace. Using technologies such as security systems, automated temperature and lighting systems, and other tools can help make working in an office safe and seamless.

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