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Lessons To Carry In A Post-pandemic Workplace

Workers have spent the past six months adjusting to working from home and while this shift may have been jarring at first, employees may miss some of the new perks they have gotten with this arrangement.

Although some analysts are predicting a return to the old, cubicle-laden way of working, it is clear that there are many aspects of remote working that employees want to keep moving forward.

One of the most important benefits to emerge from this work arrangement is flexibility. The traditional 9 to 5 is officially a thing of the past, and workers want a workplace that allows them to choose their schedule. Allowing employees to choose how they work gives them the chance to work at the time they are most productive.

Additionally, workers have increasingly struggled to find a healthy work-life balance, but working from home allows them to shift their schedule as needed to suit their personal responsibilities, like spending time with children or taking care of a family member.

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    Another benefit of working from home is the obvious comfort of not having to put on semi-formal clothes each day. Relaxing dress code policies going forward, such as implementing a casual Friday, can help improve overall morale in the workplace.

    Lastly, regardless of where employees are working, incorporating agility can be key to ensuring workers are as efficient as possible. If working from home, give employees a stipend so they can invest in ergonomic furniture. When in the office, ensure that there are workspaces that accommodate varying work styles, whether that be individual booths for privacy or conference rooms for collaborative opportunities.

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