Running Remote Announces Its Last Virtual Event Of 2020

Running Remote is the world’s largest conference on building remote teams.
  • Running Remote, the world’s largest conference on building remote teams, will host its fourth and final virtual event of the year on November 18.
  • Speakers include Andy Tryba from Sococo, Jodi Rabinowitz from Zoom, Hassan Osman from Cisco, and more.
  • Registration for the event is free until October 18.

Running Remote, the world’s largest remote team management conference, will host its last virtual event this year on November 18.

Running Remote Online, the world’s largest conference on building and scaling remote teams, will close 2020 by hosting its fourth virtual event on November 18. After two annual in-person events held in Bali, Running Remote has switched to a series of virtual events in 2020 after the start of the pandemic.

Running Remote Online is an exclusive event for the founders of remote businesses. This is a free online edition of the wildly successful Running Remote live conference, held annually for the last three years, which delivers insightful case studies from top remote work experts who have scaled their businesses without a physical office space.

After COVID-19 remote work has become the “new normal”; it’s clearly a life- and business-saving necessity. The main goal of the conference is to educate founders and professionals about the future of work and the tools they need to succeed in the remote world.

At Running Remote Online, entrepreneurs and tech leaders from across the globe will gather to share business insights and learn the strategies for managing distributed teams from acknowledged experts and prominent remote-industry leaders.

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Some of the speakers of Running Remote Online’s November lineup:

  • Andy Tryba, CEO at Crossover & Sococo
  • Jodi Rabinowitz, Head of Talent and Organizational Development at Zoom
  • Hassan Osman, PMO Director at Cisco
  • John Eckman, CEO at 10up
  • Kuppulaxmi Krishnamoorthy, Zoho’s Evangelist,
  • Steph Smith, Product Manager at The Hustle
  • Morgan Legge, CEO of Convert

Running Remote Online offers a full-scale conference experience available from anywhere in the world absolutely free. On top of the 10 hours of top-class content delivered by 25 speakers, attendees get access to the live Q&A and networking sessions, expo area with product demos, and roundtable discussions.

The registration for the event is free until October 18. After that, an event pass can be purchased at $49.

The previous Running Remote Online events held in April, June, and August were attended by 4,000+ remote work enthusiasts from 80+ countries, half of them being Founders, CEO or senior executives at remote-first companies with hundreds of new business connections being made.

The lineup of previous events included David Heinemeier Hansson (co-founder & CTO of Basecamp), Ryan Chartrand (CEO of X-Team), Aaron Ross (CEO of Predictable Revenue), and Tim Manahan (CMO of Citrix). Partners and attendees included, Microsoft, PwC, McKinsey, and New York University.

75% of the conference partners reported establishing strategic partnerships and improving brand awareness. The same share of attendees said they would return to the upcoming events.

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