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How The Hospitality Industry Is Supporting “Bleisure”

The hospitality market has been scrambling to find new ways to grow revenue, particularly as lockdowns continue to hurt the overall travel industry.

Companies like Hilton started offering their rooms as office spaces, but the plan did not see great demand and they soon reverted back to normal rooms.

However, thanks to modern technology, digital nomads want to combine their business with leisure time, or “bleisure.”

So how do hotel designers and operators meet this demand of blending both work and leisure together?

Hospitality firm CitizenM successfully does this by building out their boutique hotels for traveling professionals. It offers lounges and bars perfect for socializing, as well as areas for working.

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Still, analysts predict that as people continue to work from home, traveling will not completely recover for at least another few years.

Business travel is already very regulated, and now more than ever, companies want to keep their employees safe and healthy.

Overall, it is clear that the hospitality industry will need to be prepared to meet varying demands for hotel guests in the future. This includes strong Wi-Fi connection, increased sanitation practices, or a private workspace free of distractions.

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