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Flexibility Is Improving Diversity In The Workplace

Prior to the pandemic, the future of work seemed like a concept that would be a slow trickle over the next few years.

But now, the workforce has been propelled years into the future and conversations about what to expect from the workplace have evolved, particularly in terms of diversity and inclusion policies.

Research from VMware and Vanson Bourne has revealed that there has been a 41% increase in workers viewing remote working as a requirement rather than a perk.

Now, the “work from anywhere” trend is expected to transform how we view workplace operations. So what does this mean for a more inclusive work environment for employees?

With these flexible policies, working parents no longer have to juggle both childcare and work responsibilities. The lack of daily commutes gives them the chance to take their kids to school and still get their best work done from the comfort of their home.

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In fact, 82% of business leaders said that flexibility has made it much easier to recruit working parents.

Additionally, as coming into the physical office every day is no longer a necessity, businesses are able to widen their talent recruitment pool across various geographical regions.

Doing so helps companies diversify their workforce and find talent that can come from untapped markets outside of major economic hubs.

Changing work practices also has had an impact on our interactions with colleagues. In some scenarios, some workers say they feel more empowered or confident to speak up during virtual conference calls.

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