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How HR Professionals Can Help Guide Remote Workers

The last several months has left HR professionals reevaluating their normal strategies and, as they enter into the new year, how to apply these new methods in the future.

While remote working has proven to be beneficial for many employees, several have expressed missing interactions with colleagues each day.

HR professionals can help workers throughout this transition and guide them in a way that improves their workplace experience.

It is clear that as the pandemic rages on, coming back into the office on a normal basis is a farfetched concept.

Throughout this time, companies have realized that corporate travel is not a necessity when closing sales contracts, networking with new partners or seeking out talent.

Video conferencing tools are a decent alternative and a much more cost effective option at that.

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Additionally, we can anticipate that remote working will become a mainstay in the future. In fact, Forrester is predicting that remote working will rise to 300% of pre-pandemic levels.

This will likely lead to organizations to invest more into technologies that help support a distributed workforce, such as collaboration tools, artificial intelligence and more. Doing so helps employees connect with customers and colleagues, preventing feelings of isolation.

Moving forward, the younger generation of professionals will view benefits as a determining factor in their employment opportunities. Companies who value flexibility, wellness programs and a healthy company culture are guaranteed to attract top talent.

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