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Keeping Remote Workers Creative And Engaged

Now is the time for organizations to listen to their employees, reevaluate their normal strategies and be prepared to stay agile as we enter into the new year.

The past year has taught us that companies have the ability to shift their operational strategies seemingly overnight. However, these newly implemented changes shouldn’t be viewed as temporary solutions.

Instead, companies should look into what has and hasn’t worked for them, and use this knowledge to reconfigure how they operate. This will be necessary in order for companies to maintain their workplace culture and keep employees engaged.

While working from home has been the widespread solution to keeping employees safe throughout the pandemic, some employees have expressed the desire to come back into the office.

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This has led to the emergence of hybrid work arrangements, where employees have the ability to either work from home or in the workplace throughout the week. Doing so allows workers to reap the benefits of both arrangements, while diminishing their downsides.

However, companies should ensure that their workers are properly informed and trained before committing to this type of work arrangement. 

Collaboration has been one of the biggest feats of the pandemic. Although video conferencing tools have played a supporting role in keeping workers connected, it is hard to replicate true in-person collaboration.

That is why organizations should realign their efforts to maintain creativity and innovation levels. This can be done by creating initiatives throughout the year that encourage workers to focus on projects that require collaborating with other teams.

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