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Looking Towards The Post-pandemic Workplace

The past year has undoubtedly created new challenges for businesses, but remote working has been the unexpected hero we needed.

According to a June 2020 survey from DailyPay, 84% of employees of those who could work remotely would if given the chance. 

Research like this reveals that there has been a silver lining throughout all of the disarray. Long commutes, lengthy in-person meetings and workplace distractions will soon be problems of the past.

These changes are evolving how we approach working, so how do companies prepare for the post-pandemic workplace? 

One of the most notable transformations that businesses have undergone is the adoption of new technologies. A survey of IT professionals found that 95% of respondents said their company has altered their technology priorities throughout the pandemic.

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    Various industries were impacted by this too. For instance, banks started operating with remote sales teams, while restaurants created new apps for curbside pickup and contactless payments.

    Additionally, this time has provided insight into just how vital the employee experience is to a well-oiled company. Employees who remain loyal to their company are those who have the opportunities to grow and are nurtured by employers.

    Many organizations have been at a standstill when it comes to strategizing the best way to operate post-pandemic. This has led to some companies, such as Google, to look into the hybrid work environment that provides workers access to both in-office and remote working environments.

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