GCUC Launches World’s First International Network Of Coworking Spaces

GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Community) has launched a network of coworking spaces across 16 countries.
  • GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Community) has launched a network of coworking spaces across 16 countries.
  • Known as GCUC Places, it offers small and medium-sized workspaces the opportunity to compete with larger brands.
  • It also gives members a local place to work and enables them to tap the global network when they need it.

GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Community, pronounced “juicy”) has launched GCUC Places, the first international network of coworking spaces, available immediately in 16 countries at more than 100 locations.

“GCUC Places allows small- to medium-sized businesses to offer a global network of spaces to their membership. Eighty percent of the coworking market is hard-working small businesses that need to compete with large corporations. We’re helping them do just that,” said Liz Elam, GCUC Founder and Boss Lady.

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A necessary asset for business travelers and nomadic workers, GCUC Places connects hundreds of independently owned coworking and shared workspaces, allowing the smaller organizations to play on the same field as bigger companies like WeWork and Regus. Now, smaller coworking organizations can offer their members the option to work out of several hundred other locations around the world and only get billed in one place.

This network allows individual members to buy “membership” at one space, local to them but reap the benefits of hundreds of spaces internationally at a deeply discounted rate, seamlessly.

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As the world moves to a hub-and-spoke model for work and people look for opportunities to work closer to home, networks like GCUC Places give corporations a great amenity for their employees: a local place to work and the opportunity to tap in a global network when they need it. It also benefits the mom and pop regional coworking spaces by allowing them to expand their workspace options for their members without having to branch out to new cities, states or countries.

“We created GCUC Places after experiencing the pitfalls of not having satellite locations for members who traveled,” said Elam. “When the deciding factor of potential new clients was “do you have other locations where I can work when I travel,” we knew we needed to be a part of something bigger – so we decided to create it.”

Check here for more information about becoming a GCUC Place member, or email [email protected]

GCUC is a global coworking community rooted in 30-plus conferences and gatherings around the world. Since its start in 2012, GCUC has hosted more than 10,000 attendees throughout 33 conferences across the globe. What began as the global coworking unconference conference has grown into a game-changing organization at the intersection of real estate, technology, wellness and the future of work. We’re here to show you what comes next.

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