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The Renaissance Of The Office

In the years prior to the pandemic, the global workforce was slowly pivoting away from the idea of a traditional office. Now, as society has become acclimated to distancing rules and working from home, this shift is more evident than ever before.

However, while some have proclaimed that the office is dead and will never be relevant again, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Instead, there will be almost an office renaissance that will focus on nurturing creativity, collaboration and wellness.

Remote working has been a dream for many employees, but others have struggled with this arrangement largely due to not having the appropriate home office space, or having issues creating boundaries between their professional and personal life.

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While it is clear that remote working will continue to play a significant role in how many companies operate, there needs to be alternative solution for employees who are struggling

This reason is why some companies, such as Google, have announced that they will be operating with a hybrid model moving forward. The tech giant is aiming to offer workers a flexible schedule, with three days in the office dedicated for collaboration, as well as the option to work in-person or at home the rest of the week.

Offering employees a choice helps them connect with colleagues in the workplace, choose the best work week schedule that suits their lives and can improve the overall well-being of workers.

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